With a smart and connected world we hope to create a more efficient and sustainable world. Furthermore, we believe that collaboration is the best way to achieve this goal. Therefore, the Open Smart Grid Platform is open source.


With our open IoT environment we will create the smart, efficient and sustainable world we are aiming for.


The Open Smart Grid Platform provides producers of applications and hardware in the public space the possibility to remotely control and monitor their devices. Furthermore, we can help and collaborate conceptual thinkers realizing their dreams by supporting them with the Open Smart Grid Platform. We invite you to work together with us and boost your innovation, reduce development time, cutting costs.


The first version of the Open Smart Grid Platform is started by Smart Society Services. A young startup that focuses on developments in the utility sector, large infrastuctures and the smart public space. The Open Smart Grid Platform has grasped the developments of Smart Grids to launch a new open source platform that is capable of controlling and monitoring smart devices.

The Open Smart Grid Platform community acts independentely. The community council is responsible for the maintenance and communication of the Open Smart Grid Platform. We are accessible to anyone with an interest in smart devices and/or applications and is willing to commit to the open source philosophy and open standards.

The Open Smart Grid Platform’s key activities include:

– Facilitate, maintain, and develope the Open Smart Grid Platform through a publicly accessible source code system (Apache 2.0)

– Supporting the developer and user communities

– Provinding information about the Open Smart Grid Platform projects, use cases, and software (manuals, publications, release notes, white papers, etc.)

– Providing open source licenses and legal conditions

– Marketing and promotion of the platform and software

– Participating in events